MBA642 Week 5 Assignments

MBA642 Week 5 Assignments - MBA642 Week 5 Assignments 5.2.1...

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MBA642 Week 5 Assignments 5.2.1 Internet research on current budgeting or cash flow issues occurring in today’s environment. You do not have to focus exclusively on what is happening in the corporate world, you can research personal finance issues that pertain to budgeting and cash flow or governmental budgeting if you would like. Make sure you type in the URL that you found your information at. Every action an organization takes has an impact on cash flow. What’s essential to managing cash flow is to have a forecast, and make sure everyone knows what is forecasted. Then, make sure people are aware of how even the smallest action can impact the flow. Create a detailed cash-flow statement that can be shared with those who may have an impact. The article I found warns managers of trade associations that having a balanced budget does not necessarily mean your business is operating successfully (Dropkin, 2003). This is because of the many different ways that cash flows in and out on a daily basis. If a membership manager brings in more new members than forecasted, that manager is probably spending more cash than forecasted, because it costs money to bring in a new member. Costs can be obvious, such as direct mailing and processing paperwork, but others are less obvious, such as the costs of supporting that new member over a period of time. On another note – does anyone want to talk about the Government’s Continuing Resolution process here? Dropkin, M. (2003). Have it When you Need It: Better Cash Flow Management. Retrieved July 5, 2011 from 5.2.2. Do you budget in your personal life and/or your work environment? Has anybody been involved in the budgeting process at work? If so, what kind of
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MBA642 Week 5 Assignments - MBA642 Week 5 Assignments 5.2.1...

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