MBA642 Week 6 Assignments

MBA642 Week 6 Assignments - Assignment 6.1 Read Chapter 10...

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Assignment 6.1 Read Chapter 10 and read the respective lecture notes. View the demonstration for chapter 10 in the course documents area. The PowerPoint can be viewed at the textbook’s website, which can always be accessed by going to the external links area and clicking on the textbook website. Assignment 6.2 On the discussion board you will find a week 6 forum opened up the 1 st day of the sixth week. In the Week Six Forum, I have set up separate discussion threads on questions from Chapter 10 that are listed below. I want everyone to respond to the Internet research on standard costing I have described in #1 below and pick one of the other questions below to post to or follow up on a classmate's post during the week. All of your postings to the discussion board must be made over at least a 2 day time period and be adding value to the discussion . 1. Everyone should answer Only one of the questions listed below in #1 with a URL reference included in your post. After a student has posted a response to parts a, b, and c and been confirmed by another student there is no need for further posting on these parts, since these questions are very direct. Parts d,e,f, and g may need a few postings by several students, but make sure you are not repeating your fellow students postings. If you feel that all of the questions in #1 have already been answered, you can post a related internet research on standard costing in the health-care industry or another industry of your choosing. a. Describe what are diagnostic related groups(DRG)? b. How are DRGs established? c. How many DRGs are used? The number of Diagnotic Related Groups being used depends on which organization or system you refer to. There are at least 6 different DRG systems in place in the United States. Each system uses a different quantity and type of DRG based on the setting and specifics of the patient population. Here are the quantities of DRGs under each system Medicare (MDRGs): 492 Refined DRGs (RDRGs): 652 All Patient DRGs (AP-DRGs): 1170 Severity DRGs (SDRGs): 641 All Patient Refined DRGs (APR-DRGs) 1350 International-Refined DRGs (IR-DRGs): 330 Reference Different DRG Systems (n.d.) Retrieved July 12. 2011 from: %20Hospitals.pdf
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d. How does the DRG concept relate to the standard costing concepts
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MBA642 Week 6 Assignments - Assignment 6.1 Read Chapter 10...

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