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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2 Please use this template below to solve problem 2 and save your file using your first initial, last name, name of assignment, so jstevensproblem2.xls Due July 5th 11:59 pm central Upload your solution in area 2 of the problem 2 assignment area. Make sure you type your name in cell A3 You should always verify that your problem has been loaded correctly by either going back to the assignment and clicking on Ok and you should You will be graded on the accuracy of your answer and the usage of excel. You must use excel cell referencing in all of your calculations. The problem solution is worth a total of 10 pts. I will take off 5 pts. if you do not use the excel application appropriately I have a demonstration exercise that demonstrates the traditional and the ABC method and an audio PowerPoint of this process, too, in course documents chapter 5 folder. The author's example is presented in a more complicated manner, so you should take time to review my demonstration and ask questions. You have been recently hired by this company to review the costing of chemicals and realize that maybe a predetermined overhead rate does not give an accurate cost picture....
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