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mba642solutionproblem1 - Please make sure you read the...

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Please make sure you read the academic honesty policy, since I want to make sure everyone realizes that they should not be discussing this problem outside the discussion board. This is an individual assignment and should be completed by each student on their own. I realize some of you maybe best friends or relatives, but this is an individual assignment and you should not be working as a team. Academic Honesty Policy: Each student is assumed to be a mature and responsible adult with high academic and moral standards. There is no place in the business profession or the classroom for dishonesty. Therefore, any student found cheating or presenting material in a dishonest fashion would be dismissed from the course and given a course grade of “F.” You should not exchange files or discuss turn in problems or take home exams outside the discussion board . It is unfair to your classmates to discuss turn-in problems and take home exams via e-mail or to send files with the solution to any member of the class. I always have a discussion thread set up for students to ask questions, so this is the place you should ask questions on these assignments and exams. Remember, it does not matter what type of assignment it is, if you are found cheating you will receive an F for the course and the College of Business will be informed of your actions for further proceedings.
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Problem 1 Solution The problem relates to material covered in Chapter 2. Please post generic questions to the discussion board or Due June 21 11:59 pm central e-mail me if you have a specific question or unsure if it should be posted to the discussion board. Send your completed problem by uploading your solution into the problem 1 assignment area in #2 of this assignment area. Make sure you type in your name in cell A3 and save your file with the first initial of your first name, last name, and title of problem-jstevensproblem1.xls The problem solution is worth a total of 10 pts. I will take off 5 pts. if you do not use the excel application appropriately. You need to use only cell references on the 2 statements you are developing. Please feel free to ask questions over this problem or any other material from chapter 2. You should use this sheet as your data field and reference these cells on this worksheet in development of your COGM statement and Income statement. You should always verify that your problem has been loaded correctly by either going back to the assignment and clicking on Ok and you should see the file you uploaded and you can also go to view grades and click on Water Company was organized on January 1 of the current year. After 5 months of start-up losses, management expected to earn a profit during May, the most recent month.
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mba642solutionproblem1 - Please make sure you read the...

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