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BA638_Assignment 2.2 - BA 638 Assignment 2.2 Citation...

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BA 638 Assignment 2.2 Citation Huntley, D. (11 July 2011). Proceed with Caution When Recruiting Online. Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved 6 September 2011 from: Summary In this short but informative article, the author provides the reader with a list of mistakes to avoid when using social media as a recruiting tool. The author claims that all recruiters should leverage technology, including social media web sites, as a way to gain results quicker, more successfully, and often with a smaller budget. But recruiters should be cautious in their approach, to avoid violating Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements as well as discrimination. Huntley claims that modern litigation has focused on how recruiters reviewing social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn may be considered a quasi- background investigation. If the courts do consider this type of research to be a background investigation, then the Fair Credit Reporting Act may require that you to receive written consent before viewing the applicant’s information, even if it is a public web site. Therefore, recruiters should check with their legal counsel and exercise caution in how they use these sites, and be
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BA638_Assignment 2.2 - BA 638 Assignment 2.2 Citation...

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