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BA638_Assignment 2.3 - BA 638 Assignment 2.3 Title: Highly...

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BA 638 Assignment 2.3 Title: Highly Recommended John Doe, MD worked for a major Hospital in Seattle, WA. John had been employed by the same hospital for nearly 30 years. John’s position at the Hospital was director of Mental Health services. After working at the Hospital for about two years, a new Hospital Director arrived. Jane Doe, MBA was the direct supervisor of Dr. Doe. After working together on the leadership team of the Hospital for just a couple of weeks, it became apparent that the Does could not function in their supervisor-subordinate relationship. Dr. Doe claimed that Director Doe was an autocratic micromanager who tried to change the way he ran his Mental Health clinic, and forced him to be on call 24/7. Dr. Doe filed complaints with his human resources department stating that, “she threatened to fire me if I didn’t agree to answer my Blackberry at night,” and “she has no academic or professional qualifications that justify her questioning how I run my Mental Health clinics.” Dr. Doe was eligible for retirement in just six months, and he was not willing to compromise. Director Doe began documenting his “insubordination” and also received copies of his complaints from the HR director. Director Doe began preparing a case to terminate Dr. Doe, and she soon placed him on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for a period of three months. Dr. Doe complained to his HR department that the PIP he received was unfounded, and that furthermore, it was written in a way that made it impossible to successfully improve upon his current efforts. Dr. Doe told his fellow MDs in the Mental Health clinic that he feared he would
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BA638_Assignment 2.3 - BA 638 Assignment 2.3 Title: Highly...

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