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BA638_Assignment 5.1

BA638_Assignment 5.1 - BA 638 Assignment 5.1(Chapter 10...

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BA 638 Assignment 5.1 (Chapter 10, Question 8) Background (from text): A devoutly religious office coordinator used the phrase “Have a Blessed Day” in many of her workplace communications (conversations, e-mails, phone calls) with co-workers, managers and customers / vendors. Employees at one of her company’s largest customers, Microsoft, objected to the practice. The company modified its policy by allowing the employee to use this phrase in internal communications, but not when she was in contact with outside customers / vendors. The employee found this arrangement unacceptable and sued. What should the court decide? Why? (Anderson v. U.S.F. Logistics, 274 F.3d 470 (7 th Cir. 2001)) What should the court decide? The court should decide that Anderson was offered a reasonable accommodation, but she refused to accept it. Judgment should be granted in favor of her employer. Why? This case falls under Title VII, which requires employers to reasonably accommodate religion, unless doing so would impose undue hardship (Walsh, 2010, p. 312). To reach a judgment in this case will require us to considered three separate questions. First, we must define what is considered religion under Title VII, and decide if the behavior of Anderson should be considered religion.
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