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BA638_Assignment 6.2 - BA 638 Assignment 6.2 Citation...

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BA 638 Assignment 6.2 Citation Swanton, M. (2011). USERRA ruling validates cat's paw theory of discrimination. Inside Counsel, (19306393), n/a-n/a. Retrieved October 6, 2011 from: 80/login?url= Summary In this article the author shares the story of Vincent Staub, who worked full time at Proctor Hospital in Peoria , Illinois. Staub was also a member of the Army Reserve, which required him to attend mandatory training occasionally on weekends. Staub alleges that beginning in 2000, his immediate supervisor, Janice Mulally, demonstrated hostility to his military service by scheduling him to work on the weekend, which conflicted with his military training schedule. She also allegedly scheduled him to work extra shifts so he could pay back the department "for everyone else having to bend over backwards to cover" for him during his military drills. Staub reported this conflict with Mulally to Michael Korenchuk, the department head, who allegedly called reserve duty "a waste of taxpayers' money." In April 2004, Staub’s department head, Korenchuk, informed Linda Buck, Proctor's vice
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BA638_Assignment 6.2 - BA 638 Assignment 6.2 Citation...

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