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BA638_Assignment 9.2 - BA 638 Assignment 9.2 Summary of the...

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BA 638 Assignment 9.2 Summary of the case Plaintiff Pepe worked for American Airlines. In 2004, Pepe fell from a movable stairway and landed on his knees, which resulted in a knee injury. His employer authorized time off and treatment from a doctor for his injury. The treatments and time off were covered under worker’s compensation. After receiving treatment for a short period of time, his doctor recommended surgery. Pepe’s employer authorized the surgery, and after a short recovery period Pepe returned to work and functioned normally without attendance or performance problems for the next 30 months. In January 2007, Pepe was at work when he slipped and fell on the ice. He landed on his hands and knees, and could not get up for some time. When he recovered, he immediately reported the incident to his supervisor who filed the appropriate forms and authorized Pepe to return to his previous doctor. Over the next 36 months Pepe continued to work, and continued receiving treatment from a knee specialist. He received 15 shots in his knee, plus 14 knee aspirations along with routine physical therapy over this three-year period. All of this was covered under worker’s compensation without objection from the employer. Eventually, Pepe’s doctor determined that he might need a total knee replacement, but he wanted to send Pepe for an MRI first. The
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BA638_Assignment 9.2 - BA 638 Assignment 9.2 Summary of the...

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