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Preparer Page - Maching documents

Preparer Page - Maching documents - Preparer Page(DRAFT...

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Preparer Page (DRAFT) - TY2011 Useful Links Internal Revenue Service Home page Economic Recovery Payment lookup tool Interactive Tax Assistant 2010 W-4 Calculator IRS Publications Page Quality and Tax Alerts for IRS Volunteer Programs New Jersey Department of Taxation Online Inquiry for Homestead Rebate NJ Form 1099-G Inquiry (Refund) NJ Gross Income Tax Forms (NJ-1040 etc) NJ-1040-H NJ Gross Income Tax Publications (GIT-5 etc) Fed/State Electronic Filing Program - NJ 1040 NJ WebFile (Useful for 1040-H) TaxWise TWO Program Help TWO State Help TaxWise Support TW (Desktop) Blog MeF Schedule A: Line 28 Misc. Deductions TWO Blog AARP ExtraNet Form Lookup Tool Document Title TW Worksheet 4012 Page Comments Form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement Sch A Form 1098- C Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes 8283 Form 1098- E Student Loan Interest Statement 1040 Wkt2 Form 1098- T Tuition Statement 8863 or 1040 Wkt2 5-1 5-3 Evaluate Alternatives Form 1099- A Abandonment of Secured Property ?? 2-10 Special Topic Form 1099- B Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions Cap Gn Wkt 2-9 Form 1099- C Cancellation of Debt – Mortgage Cap Gn Wkt 982 D-9
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