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Question 1: What are five important start-up basics for any business owner? 1. To create the business idea. The business idea should be feasible. 2. The company should be operated legally. 3. The team should be built. The team should have common goals. 4. Financing the business. The owner should either have enough of money to start the business or find people who will be financing the project. 5. Pulling it all together; create a concrete business plan. Question 2 : What are four do’s and don’ts when naming a business? Do: 1. Do consider the context. Sometimes, it is necessary that the name of the business reflects what the company does and stands for. 2. Do remember that less is usually more. Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda was a curious and cumbersome name. Seven-Up was better. 3. Do go for quantity. The business name should attract customers. 4. Do look within. Sometimes good naming is more important than courage. Do not: 1. Do not forget about the sound. These days, many names are said aloud more often than they are written or read. 2. Do not assume that the name makes the market.
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Bus Law1 - Question 1 What are five important start-up...

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