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Bus Law2 - According to the text in the book Jason Trevor...

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According to the text in the book, Jason Trevor, an owner of a commercial bakery, received a report which said that the tests of food products that contained peanut butter were positive for salmonella contamination. Trevor was not required to report the results to U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials, so he did not. On the contrary, Trevor instructed the employees to repeat the tests until the outcome is negative. As a result, five people who ate Trevor`s baked goods became seriously ill, and one person died from salmonella. The question arises whether it was unethical for Trevor to sell goods that had once tested positive for salmonella. Ethics can be defined as the study of what constitutes right or wrong behavior. In other words, ethics is the study of moral principles and values applied to social behavior. According to the Trevor`s case, it is possible to judge his behavior from two different perspectives: 1) the moral minimum; 2) Six guidelines which define ethical business decisions.
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