Bus Law3 - Question1:WhatisthetitleoftheEPAsAuditPolicy?...

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Question 1:   What is the title of the EPA’s Audit Policy?  The title of EPA`s Audit Policy is: "Incentives for Self-Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction and Prevention of Violations." It has been in effect since 1995. Question 2:   What incentives does the EPA provide to encourage self-policing by firms?  1) No gravity-based penalties. Gravity-based penalties are a portion of the penalty over and above the economic benefit. They reflect the egregiousness of the violator`s behavior and constitute the punitive portion of the penalty. EPA retains its discretion to collect any economic benefit that may have been realized as a result of noncompliance. 2) Reduction of gravity-based penalties by 75%. They might be granted to entities that meet all of the conditions except for "systematic discovery" of the violation through an environmental audit or a compliance management system. 3) No recommendation for criminal prosecution.
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Bus Law3 - Question1:WhatisthetitleoftheEPAsAuditPolicy?...

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