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Bus Law12 - Anton Klochkov Hypothetical Scenarios and Case...

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Anton Klochkov Hypothetical Scenarios and Case Problems 12-3 In this case Moore will win the lawsuit because they had a valid contract but Hammer did not follow it. Moore contracted in writing to sell her 2002 Ford Taurus to Hammer for $8,500. Moore agreed to deliver the car on Wednesday, and Hammer promised to pay $8,500 on the following Friday. These are the conditions of their contract. However, Hammer did not follow their contract and refused to buy the car after all. By doing it, he intruded their contract. Moore has her right to take the case to the court. Although Hammer agreed to buy the car on Friday, the contract is not valid anymore due to Hammer declining the purchase. Moreover, the date when Moore should have delivered the car was Wednesday. 12-4 A buyer can manifest assent to the delivered goods in the following ways, each of which constitutes acceptance: 1. Three is an acceptance if the buyer, after having had a reasonable opportunity to inspect the
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