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analysis question 1 - dentist telling her to reduce the...

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Analysis question 1 *Mrs. Mulligan goes to her dentist and, after having a couple of cavities filled, her dentist strongly suggests that she reduce her intake of sodas and increase her intake of calcium phosphates in the foods she eats. Why? * Sodas contain acids that wear away a tooth's enamel over time,(the pH level of most sodas is usually between 2 & 4) it does this by eating away at the calcium in the enamel. Mrs. mulligan probably drank soda a lot of the time, causing significant decay. By The
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Unformatted text preview: dentist telling her to reduce the soda intake and increase calcium intake, he would be trying to decrease the amount of acid presented to her teeth, and increase calcium, causing her teeth to recover from reversible damage. But, if she continues drinking soda at the rate that she is, her teeth will decay more and more over time and be irreversible by calcium intake alone....
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