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Hackett 1 Ana Hackett Professor Hall English 1010 November 13, y Physicians Assisted Suicide Life and death are natural. We are conceived by some means. We are then born into this world and essentially forced into what we call life. We then go through the experience that is life, no matter how long or short it is. At the end the living and experiencing stage, we are further forced through this natural process by the inevitable and final step of actually dying. If someone who desires to have a child can’t con- ceive in their own desired time frame, we have decided that it is okay to give them the option of pursuing unnatural methods. One of the many options given to people such as these is to participate in a process known as in vitro fertilization (IVF) This is a process in which fertilization occurs by way of introducing sperm to egg and allowing not only fertilization, but actual production of an embryo to occur in a laboratory dish. These labs essentially grow these embryos until they are viable and then inserts them into the potential mothers uterus, having created life. This, and many other unnatural options are completely legal. When a baby has not been born by the time the mother or doctor wants, “The physician or CNM also may choose to use oxytocin to stimulate a more effective contraction pattern” (Bashore) thus bringing the baby into the world unnaturally. While we are going through our lives, if we get ill or injured we have physicians to help us to get better. If we are sad, physicians use drugs to make us happier. The use of drugs to alter natural pro- cesses has, and will continue to be part of our daily life. These, and many other unnatural options for creat- ing or enhancing life are completely legal. What if the drugs do not work on a sick person? What if nothing works? The sick person will, most likely, continue to get sicker and more miserable. Just as people in the
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Research Essay - Hackett 1 Ana Hackett Professor Hall...

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