3-6 years (hg&d)

3-6 years (hg&d) - Average weight: 40 lbs Height:...

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Average weight: 40 lbs Height: 42 inches Left or right handed? right Potty trained? yes When? 23 months old Dry all night? Yes - by the time she was 16 months old Sleep: Difficulty getting them to bed? Not all the time. At least twice a week Difficulty going to sleep once they are in bed? never More than one hour ? No napping. Nightmares? Around 3 ½ but stopped at 4 1/2 Night terrors? Never that bad. Health/wellness: Obese ? no Favorite foods? Pop corn and grapes Least favorite foods? Spinach and okra Colds: How many so far this year? About 4 Has the ability to understand when others are sick? (empathy) yes Accidents- understands the word “dangerous” ? yes Gross motor skills: Can ride a bike? With training wheels- we have yet to remove them (nervous mommy) Climb a ladder ? yes Ski? ? n/a Start/turn/stop? yes Running jump of 28-36 inches? yes Hop a distance of 16 ? yes Play follow the leader? Not well, but yes. Fine motor skills: Can fold paper into halves? yes Quarters ? yes Draw a circle ? yes A triangle ? yes A square ? yes Uses crayons effectively? yes Creates clay objects? yes Copies letters? Yes- has trouble with “k” and “r” Copies two short words? yes
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3-6 years (hg&d) - Average weight: 40 lbs Height:...

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