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I always knew that when my father was standing on the front porch when I got home from school that something had died. The day my dog died, he was on the porch. The day my grandfather died, he was on the porch. The day the baby squirrel I had found in my neighbors yard, abandoned had died…. Yes, he was on the porch. One day when I was in fourth grade, I got off my bus and say my father standing on the porch. I knew right away that something had died. I ran right past him and went straight for my ferret, who was getting old. I figured he had finally lost the on- going battle with his old age. When he turned out to be fine I ran to my fish tank, all of the fish were fine. No one was floating. After making sure all of the animals were fine I became confused, if nothing had died then why was he on the porch? The look on his face said something had died. What was going on? So I walked up to him, slowly, not knowing what I was about to hear. He glanced at me with tears in his eyes and looked away just as
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