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goodman essay - I believe that we should protect our...

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In response to all of you, and Goodman's words, I agree that most children are exposed to too much on television. I find my daughter asking for things when she doesn't even know what they are, only because she saw kids on a commercial mention it or playing with it with huge grins on their faces. This is making it harder and harder for parents to please their children. Think about it; a few years ago, only relatively wealthy adults had cell phones. Today if you're 15 years old without one people actually feel sorry for you. Television, or really any sort of advertising has slowly conditioned our society, especially our children that more or less you must have what is advertised to be happy.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe that we should protect our children. But, at the same time, they need to develop defense mechanisms against such pressures. How can they develop defenses without exposure? of course a 4 year old shouldn't be exposed to condom commercials, and hopefully a 15 year old knows that they don't really need the new Dora doll, there are certainly appropriate ages for exposure to certain things. We need to condition our children to have good judgment when it comes to purchases. They need to be able to, on their own, decide if what they are buying or asking for is something they need or just something they want that they can live without if they need to....
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