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Who are you- Name- lili adler Birthday- november 23, 1988 Age- 20 where are you- catskills, ny Physical description- a short woman, prim and proper, long brown hair, short bitten nails and green eyes. Sexuality- heterosexual job- kept woman. Has been in colleges, has not found niche in life yet. Income- lives off parents wealth physical habits- she bites her nails and chews her lip when she is nervous. Circumstances: what state are you in? Catskills, ny When is it? June 3, 2009 Relationship with other character? They have just met Where are you? In a hammock on the bank of a lake.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the atmosphere like? It is hot and muggy. What are you wearing? A sun dress, sandals, maybe a sun hat To whom are you speaking? Nicky lockridge Why? He has gotten out of the lake on the shore where lilli was reading a book, he has caught her attention. She has been hoping to meet him, and now is her chance. What do you want? She want a relationship with him, she is obviously flirting. How do you aim to get what it is you want? She will flirt, and intrigue him as best she can....
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