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The American Plan character: Lilli Adler Lilli Adler is a short, thin, 20 year old woman, with chewed fingernails, long brown hair, and deep green eyes. She was born on November 23, 1988 in Catskills, New York. She is well kept by her wealthy family. Though prim and proper, she bites her nails, chews her lip, and has even dropped out of college. Her family loves her, very much, but despises her lack of interest in socializing, or being in any social situation at all. On june third, 2009, she is lying in a hammock, reading a book on the bank of the lake outside her parents estate. It is a hot muggy day, she is wearing a sun dress, sunglasses and has sandals laying next
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Unformatted text preview: to her on the ground. All of a sudden a boy, Nicky Lockridge jumps onto the shore and grabs a towel. She has been wanting to meet him for quite some time. The chance has finally arrived for her to make her impression on him. knowing he has a girlfriend, she goes for the conversation anyway. Flirting away, she becomes less and less likely to actually hook this man for hers, instead she goes for badgering and belittling him, as she always seems to do with boys she likes. She is a terrible flirter....
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