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theatre 300 word essay. 1 - Why I think theatre is an art...

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Why I think theatre is an art Ana Hackett 9/5/09 I view a lot of things as art. I believe there is some sort of an art to everything you can see, hear or feel. All music is art, all pictures are art, all movies, plays, or even conversation with someone is an art. I feel that everything that has to be thought about before it`s done- so that people will view it and feel the way the “artist” wants them too, is in fact an art. I also feel that everything that is expressive of any emotion at all is an art. It is the artist`s way of conveying in some sort of way his emotion at the time the art was created. I believe that Theatre is one of the greatest, most interesting, and most variable forms of art. Human beings are one of the best art mediums an artist can use. Instead of using dark colors on a canvas to express a depressed or gloomy emotion, the artist can use actual people who can express emotion and ideas better than any color or words alone. The actors (the artist`s medium) use facial expression, voice tone, tears, violence, hugs, anything to express emotion! Anything
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