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Unformatted text preview: Review of “how I learned to drive” Ana Hackett sept. 15 2009 This was a very interesting play written by Paula Vogel. A woman tells the story of bits and pieces of her adolescence and the very controversial relationship she had with her uncle. The two main characters were Lil` bit, which was a nickname given to her at birth by her less than proper family, and Uncle Peck, which was also a nickname. The supporting characters who were played by a Greek choir, were the typical family members... mother, father grandmother, etc. This play was so controversial because of the type of relationship Lil` bit and her uncle shared. Both of them knew what was going on, and how romantically they felt about each other, but neither of them felt the exact same way at the exact same time. Which was one of many conflicts in this play. The play was mostly set in Uncle Pecks car, some of it was set in the family home. The scenes in the car were most important and mostly about Lil` bit and Uncle Pecks relationship, while the metaphor...
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