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Someone once asked me what I was passionate about, I say, who has time for passion? Maybe im just jealous, bitter maybe. I am a wife, a mother, a student, and an all around dumping ground for other peoples responsibilities. I did not respond to this intrusive question, but it did get me thinking. .. shouldn't I be passionate about something. ... maybe my daughter, my husband, school, love, life? Broken, I just feel broken. I used to have plenty of passion, about a lot of things. ...but now. .. its gone, the thrill in anything is gone, not only do I not have any passion towards anything, but I don't ENJOY anything. We go out to drink with friends and all I can think about is getting home.
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Unformatted text preview: ...and to do what? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I used to paint, make my own clothes, piercings, tattoos, music, pretty colors. ....happy all the time. I had tons of friends. .... friends, ive lost faith in friends. Whats the point. They will just waste time with you. ... feed off of you until they get what they want, then leave you face down in the dirt. Oh sure theyll do a great job of tricking you. .. be on your side about everything until one day. ... youre asleep in the next room, pregnant. .. and bam. .. they fuck. They fucking FUCK! Oh but I wont ever find out. ... until she ends up pregnant and the baby looks just like you....
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