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Mt 1 Study Guide - The Goal What is the goal? (40) To make...

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The Goal What is the goal? (40) To make money How does Lou look at the problem? (45) Net profit needs to increase with simultaneously increasing return on investment and cash flow What is their answer to the problem? (48) What is Jonah trying to get at? (59) How are they now expressing the goal? (67) What is a balanced plant? (86) Leads to bankruptcy The first balanced plant is to balance output with capacity so the plant is operating at 100% capacity. A plant where the capacity of each and every resource is balanced exactly with demand from the market What do they mean by the accumulation of statistical fluctuations? (101) What is Herbie? (118) A constraint; limitation on the org process that prevents other processes from operating at max capacity Bottlenecks are resources with capacity equal to or less than the demand placed on it and non-bottlenecks are resources whose capacities are greater than the demand placed on it What is the balanced plant now? (139) First balanced plant raised inventory, not sales, so Jonah wants to balance the plant with market demand. What is Jonah trying to get at? (158) What is the sane approach to the problem? (164) What is the function of the colored tape? (182) What is a significant aspect of Ralph and the head treatment process? (186) How did the new bottlenecks start? (199) How does Stacey’s and Jonah’s approach differ? Any relation to the articles we read? (203) How do Alex and the kids look at the problem? (213) What is the 4 weeks about? (235) What is the improvement thing about? (299) What prevents an org from achieving the goal? Bottlenecks or constraints and org behavior not to recognize them Why does the book condemn placing emphasis on the efficiency of non-constraints? It doesn’t address the constraint which is prevent achievement of the goal What is throughput? Money coming in Rate at which the org generates money through sales. To increase throughput, balance flow to the market What is inventory? Money currently inside Money that the system has invested in purchasing things which it intends to sell What is operational expense? Money needed to pay out to make throughput happen All the money the system spends in order to turn inventory into throughput What is the match-stick bowl experiment meant to show? Statistical variations will accumulate rather than offset and the dependent variables will be affected With a balanced plant and because of statistical fluctuations and dependent events, throughput goes down and inventory along with operating expenses goes up What is balancing the flow?
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Balancing the flow to the market so that the bottleneck/constraint is always at full capacity Short Answer What happened in The Goal from a classical approach to management? What happened in The Goal from a behavioral approach to management?
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Mt 1 Study Guide - The Goal What is the goal? (40) To make...

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