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Unformatted text preview: ECEN 455: Assignment 9 Optional Problems: 1. (CSE: 8.17) When the additive noise at the input to the modulator is colored, the filter matched to the signal no longer maximizes the output SNR. In such a case we may consider the use of a prefilter that “whitens” the colored noise. The prefilter is followed by a filter matched to the prefiltered signal. Towards this end, consider the configuration shown in Figure P-8.17. (a) Determine the frequency-response characteristic of the prefilter that whitens the noise. (b) Determine the frequency-response chracteristic of the filter matched to ˜ s ( t ) . (c) Consider the prefilter and the matched filter as a single “generalizedd matched filter.” What is the frequency-response characteristic of this filter? (d) Determine the SNR at the input to the detector. 2. (CSE: 8.29) A binary antipodal signal is transmitted over a nonideal bandlimited channel, which introduces ISI over two adjacent symbols. For an isolated transmitted signal pulseintroduces ISI over two adjacent symbols....
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