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COSC4214: Digital Communications Instructor: Amir Asif Quiz for Assignment # 3 Time Allowed: 15 minutes Name: __________________________________________________________________________________ Student ID Number: ____________________________Email: _____________________________________ The overall impulse response h ( t ) of a communication system is given by the expression () 2 1 1 ) ( T t t h + = . where (1/ T ) is the symbol rate. The pulse is sampled at the rate 1/
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Unformatted text preview: T such that the values of the impulse response at the time of sampling are given by h (3 T ) = 1/10, h (2 T ) = 1/5, h ( T ) = 1/2 , h ( ) = 1.0 (a) [3 points] Sketch a 3-tap transversal equalizer that reduces the ISI. (b) [5 points] Determine the values of the coefficients c k s of the linear multipliers. (c) [2 points] Determine the largest magnitude sample contributing to ISI....
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