CSCE 464 HW1

CSCE 464 HW1 - class that the Link Layer is responsible for...

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Your Name: CSCE 464 Wireless and Mobile Systems HW#1 Due September 8, 11:59PM, on CSNET (50 points). Problem 1) (5 points) Explain each of the following concepts, in 2-3 sentences: a) Spatial reuse: b) Multi-use diversity: c) Antenna diversity: d) Time diversity; e) Frequency diversity: Problem 2) (5 points) Enumerate 3 advantages brought by wireless communication (when compared with wired networking), and 3 issues specific to wireless networking. a) Advantages: b) Issues: Problem 3) (10 points) The following questions are about the network stack. a) What is the purpose of a Link Layer protocol?
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b) Consider a group of people in a room. In this group, there are pairs that want to talk with each other. If more than one person talks at the same time, interference may make discussion difficult to understand. Describe briefly (4-5 sentences) two protocols that allow conversations to take place. c) Why do routers need to implement the Network Layer protocol, when we discussed in
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Unformatted text preview: class that the Link Layer is responsible for communication over one link (e.g., slides 12 and 14 in Lecture 2? d) The names for the units of data transmission at the Link layer, Network Layer and Transport Layer are: Link Layer: ________ ; Network Layer: ____________ ; Transport Layer: ___________ e) Give 3 examples of functionality provided by the Transport Layer (1 sentence each): Problem 4) (30 points) Setup your glomosim simulation environment, as described in class. Run the glomosim simulator without making any code changes. You are allowed to enable statistics at different layers. Answer the following questions: a) Which node consumes most energy? b) Which CBR stream has the largest end-to-end delay? c) What is the location of node 9? d) Which node has the highest number of packet collisions? e) Which data flow has the highest throughput? f) Why we do not have statistics for CBR stream from node 14 to node 17?...
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CSCE 464 HW1 - class that the Link Layer is responsible for...

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