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DEFINING MARKETING 1 Defining Marketing Defining Marketing In this paper, I will define my personal thoughts and definition of marketing along with two other marketing definitions from other sources. This paper the subject is to explore why marketing is important to organizational success and also include some examples from the business world. My definition of marketing is that it reaches to wet the appetite of the consumer. If the consumer is not hungry for the product before an advertising promotion, it is hopeful that the consumer craves the product after subjective marketing. I am reminded of going into a restaurant when I am not particularly hungry. After smelling the aroma of food while waiting to be seated, my taste bud become aroused and I can not wait to order a meal and eat dinner. The same with TV commercials of a hot pizza coming out of the oven and a piece of pizza with mozzarella cheese is stretching across the table as the actor puts it on his plate. I suddenly want to call for carry out pizza and my taste buds taste that piece of pizza. I believe that marketing attempts to create a need for a particular product or service. Another definition of marketing comes from Marketing Teacher (2000-2011), it states on their website, marketing focuses on the satisfaction of customer needs, wants, and requirements. The website also states that marketing indentifies, anticipates, and satisfies the current short-term need and requirements and also the consumer’s long-term future needs of the consumer profitably (The Philosophy Marketing and the Marketing Concept, para ). A more detailed description of marketing is that it needs to affect every aspect of the
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Defining Marketing Paper - DEFINING MARKETING 1 Defining...

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