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CARLETON UNIVERSITY Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing Methods – AERO3700 Course Outline Lectures: 3 hours/week Problem Analysis (PA): 1 hour/week Week: 1. Introduction: classification of materials and manufacturing methods for aerospace and space applications; review of mechanical properties and failure mechanisms. 2. Alloys for aerostructural applications: aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys. 3. Superalloy metallurgy: application in turbine engines; special manufacturing methods. 4. Polymers and their applications: organic coatings; adhesive bonding; shaping methods Ceramic materials and their applications: fabrication methods. 5. Composites and their applications: classification of polymer, metal and ceramic matrix composites; fabrication methods. 6,7 Selection of materials: material performance indices; material selection charts. 8. Solidification and casting: sand casting, die casting; investment casting.
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