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pa8a_Nov3_09 - properties Ef = 70 GPa Em = 6 GPa Ecomposite...

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AERO3700 PA 8 Questions Only Tuesday November 3, 2009 Purpose: Familiarization and review of composite materials and performance indices using notes and text. Callister: 16.1, 16.6 (Ans. 43.1 MPa), 16.12a (Ans. About .258), 16.19 Course pack: 11.3 pg 105, note to get the text values, use σ / ρg (Ans: 3 largest E/ ρ are 50%Gr-Epoxy, 60%Kevlar-Epoxy and 2024-T861, 3 largest σ / ρ are 60%Kevlar-Epoxy, 50% Graphite-Epoxy and 50%graphite-polyester.) A. Consider a unidirectional continous fibre-reinforced composite with the following
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Unformatted text preview: properties: Ef = 70 GPa, Em = 6 GPa; Ecomposite = 9 GPa for an isostress condition . a. Calculate Ecomposite for an isostrain condition. (Ans. Ecl = 29 GPa) b. In this case, which of the two components, matrix or fibre, is more likely to be a ceramic material? Explain you answer. (Ans. Fibre) σ = F/A σ =E ε ε = Δ l/l Ecl = EmVm + EfVf 1/Ect= Vm/Em + Vf/Ef Ecd = KEmVm + EfVf Pcomposite = Pmatrix Vmatrix + Preinforcement Vreinforcement M. McDill AERO3700...
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