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To: Students in AERO3700 Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing From: Moyra McDill, Professor Subject: Assignment for PA 11 Nov. 24 and PA 12 Dec. 1 Date: October 29. 2009 Background While a formal technical paper provides research experience and contributes to the development of writing and communication skills, it does not emphasize the industrial need for short, detailed reports. This year's assignment should be submitted in the form of a technical memorandum (TM). A TM requires that the writer summarize the major points of a full report but in a very limited space, typically one or two pages. A TM informs the reader of when the document was written and by whom, what it is about and any actions that may be required. Typically, the indications To, From, Subject and Date appear in the upper left part of the page. Sometimes, the upper right part of the page has the sender's and receiver's file references. An indication of any attachments and/or the distribution list may appear at the end of the
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