Myth exam 3

Myth exam 3 - •The heroic narrative pattern •Themes in...

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Achilleus Agamemnon Ajax (Aias) Alcestis Alcmena Alexikakos ([Heracles] Who Protects from Evil) Amazon Andromache Andromeda apotheosis bia Bull of Heaven Calypso centaur Cerberus Cheiron Circe Contest of the Bow daimôn Danae Deianira Elpenor Enkidu Eurystheus geras Geryon Gilgamesh Gorgon Hector Helen Heracles heroön hêrôs Homer Humbaba Hydra Iliad Inland Journey Iole Iphicles Ithaca Judgment of Arms Judgment of Paris kleos Lotus Eaters Marathon
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Medousa Menelaus Megara Minotaur Nemean Lion Nessus nostos Odysseus Odyssey Omphale Parable of Urns Paris Patroclus Pegasus peithô Penelope Perseus Phaeaceans Pirithous Pisistratus Polydectes Polyphemus Priam sêma Siren sôma Telemachus Theseus Thetis timê Tiresias Troy Uta-napishtim xenia You should also be comfortable with the following themes and issues:
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Unformatted text preview: •The heroic narrative pattern. •Themes in the legend of Gilgamesh (education of the king; nature/culture; quest for immortality. ..). •Themes in the legend of Heracles (split character; cosmogonic battles; encounter with Death; enforcement/violation of xenia ; apotheosis ...). •Themes in the legend of Perseus (folktale/fairytale concerns; protective/threatening mother. ..). •Basic plot of Trojan War legend. •Basic plot of Odyssey legend. •Conflicting types of hero (Achilles/Odysseus) and heroic narratives (legend/folktale). •Political influence on the legend of Theseus....
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Myth exam 3 - •The heroic narrative pattern •Themes in...

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