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CLCS 335 Lecture 22

CLCS 335 Lecture 22 - Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Lecture 22...

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Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Lecture 22 October 27, 2010 Lecture 22: Gilgamesh - From Sumer (modern Iraq) - 2700 BCE – Gilgamesh’s name appears as King of Uruk - Dad was named lugalbanda - Oral tradition circled stories about him after his death - In 2000 BCE – new King collected all stories of Gilgamesh and combined them into a rough, epic narrative. Over the next 1000 years, it becomes the “standard version of the Gilgamesh story”, what we have now - Gilgamesh goes away from Uruk and sees things, does things, gets things, learns secrets, and then comes back to Uruk. When back, he builds things. - King of Uruk but he is a bad King because he can be, he is 2/3 divine 1/3 mortal. o Mother is Ninsa: goddess, Father Lugalbanda: offspring of god and mortal - People of Uruk pray to gods for help because Gilgamesh is so mean, they give them enkidu. (one that was an animal but then becomes a civilized hunter) o Goes to Uruk, meets Gilgamesh on threshold of bedroom that Gilgamesh is about to go into and sleep with his bride. They wrestle, and come to a standstill, then adopt each other as brothers. (this is demonstrating that Gilgamesh and Enkidu are as close as lovers) o One day Gilgamesh sees something floating in river, asks Enkidu and he says it’s a corpse. He discovers that’s what will happen to him, and now he wants to do
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