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CLCS 335 Lecture 23

CLCS 335 Lecture 23 - Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Lecture 23...

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Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Lecture 23 October 27, 2010 Lecture 23: Heracles - Heracles – Roman is Hercules; cult is Pan-Hellenic (all throughout Greece) o referred to as heros - Heracles Alexikakos – defends from evils o literal evils; also healer of disease - amulets of Heracles keep people safe - swearing oaths: you add “ma ton Herakles” (by Heracles) - pictured as male adult wearing lion skin; representing him as part animal - almost always represented with club; almost always uses weapons of nature - birth is form of doubling: o wife Alcmena and husband is Amphitryon; husband goes away on a business trip; Zeus comes down in form of her husband, celebrate the early return by having sex; the real one gets home and they also have sex, so she has twins: Heracles (means glory of Hera) and Iphicles (just means glory) - Heracles doesn’t need a sidekick, despite that the element is there in Iphicles - Hera tricks Zeus and says whatever child is born is king of male children and Zeus
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