CLCS 335 Unit 3 Review

CLCS 335 Unit 3 Review - Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Unit 3...

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Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Unit 3 November 10, 2010 Unit 3: Test Review - Achilleus – one of mian players in Trojan war; heroic warrior code; all about kleos(glory); goes through steps of heroic narrative (i.e. going to cheirons school); he’s dressed as a girl when greeks come to recruit him because mom Thetis receives prophecy he’ll die if he goes to war; odysseus plays trick with girl stuff and sword, and Achilles runs to sword; kills Hector because Hector killed his sidekick Petroleus; Achilles refuses to give up hectors body beause he’s driving it around on his chariot; gods get pissed and intervene and there is a scene between hectors dad Priam and Achilles and Priam gets corpse back, Iliad ends with Priam giving Hector a funeral; Paris kills Achilles - Admetus – Alphestus’ husband; Admetus can live as long as someone takes his place - Agamemnon – player in Trojan War; Artemis is upset because someone killed a deer and makes wids so they can’t leave for war; so Agamemnon sacrifices his daugheter; then his wife kills him when he gets home; Agamemnon and Achilles: Agamemon has to give up his slave girl, so then he demands Achillle’s girl; that looks Achilles look weak, so he refuses to fight in war until he gets his girl back; Thetis goes to Zeus and has Zeus make Trojans do great so Greeks die; - Ajax (Aias) – vieing for Achillies armour after he dies; he’s the second best warrior, but loses out because Odysseus bribes judgs; he is enraged so he tries to kill a bunch of generals, but they were actually sheep; so much shame, he kills himself - Alcestis – dies for her husband, Admetus; Heracles parties when she dies, but then goes to get her from underworld and he wrestles death and he wins - Alcmena – Heracles mom due to Zeus; Hera was pissed so she asks Zeus for a favor that the first male born on this day is the ruler of all the other boys on that day; he agrees, but Hera slows the birth of Heracles, so then he is enslaved to Eureithius - Alexikakos ([Heracles] Who Protects from Evil) - Amazon – like centaurs because they represent an inversion of Greek values (women in charge); Heracles must get a girdle from them as one of his labors; he ends up fighting them; so does Theseus - Andromache – Hector’s wife - Andromeda – from Perseus story; on way home from killing the Gorgon, he sees her tied to rock as a sacrifice; Perseus arranges that if he kills monster, he gets to marry her; the dad agrees, Perseus kills the monster, but then the dad says that she’s already promised to her uncle; so then Perseus flashes the Gorgon head and freezes everyone and they run off - apotheosis – being raised to the status of a god, becoming immortal; Heracles undergoes this and it is the reason he has no tomb - Bellerophon – after Perseus decapitates the Gorgon, Pegasus is born from the head; Bellerophon tames Pegasus with the first bridle made by Athena and uses him to fight monsters; he tries to fly to Olympus, so Pegasus knocks him off - bia – literally means force; prime attribute in epos
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  • Fall '08
  • The Odyssey, The Iliad, War, Achilles, Hector, Agamemnon, Priam, Thetis, Paris, Athena, Helen, Hera, Menelaus, Odysseus, Poseidon, Zeus, Homecoming, Odysseus, Penelope, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Achilles, Hermes, Menelaus, Polyphemus, Pisistratus

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CLCS 335 Unit 3 Review - Joseph Martella CLCS 335 Unit 3...

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