Lecture 29 - Lecture 29 - - - Theseus is a hero, his face...

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Lecture 29 - Theseus is a hero, his face is plastered everyone in Athens from 6 th century BCE to the rest of their history - He is used as the Athenians mythical representative - Story: o Aegeus is the King of Athens. Has a problem; can’t have male children. o He goes to Delphi and consults with Oracle, and Pythia (priestess of Apollo) says that he shouldn’t untie the neck of the wineskin until he gets home (riddle) o Along the way home, he stops at a fellow Kings house. His host knows what it means; you aren’t supposed to have sex until you get home. o He has sex with Aithea, she then gets raped by Poseidon to have a half mortal/divine son, Theseus o King Aegeus leaves a sword under a rock and says when his son is old enough he will lift it up and get it o Heracles comes to Theseus, and Theseus starts to bash the head of Heracles’ lion coat o He is sent off to train, and when he hits puberty, he lifts the rock and gets the sword o Goes from Troy to Athens, along the way he has 6 adventures that have to do with enforcing xenia, dealing with people who challenge him to unfair contests, etc. - Six Adventures: o Peripetes – he beats people up with a stick. Theseus grabs the stick and beats him with it too, he gets to keep the stick o Sinus – pretends to be struggling to pull a tree down. Invites you to help
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Lecture 29 - Lecture 29 - - - Theseus is a hero, his face...

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