Absorption Costing Model Don Ariail

Absorption Costing Model Don Ariail - Direct Materials...

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RAW MATERIALS INVENTORY Work-in-Process Inventory Assembly Line INTO PRODUCTION FINISHED GOODS INVENTORY Absorption Costing Terms DR . DONALD L . ARIAIL , CPA DIRECT MATERIALS INDIRECT Direct Labor [touch labor] ASSEMBLY Non-manufacturing Costs Selling , General Period Costs PLANT OFFICE Balance Sheet WAREHOUSE Selling Expense Indirect Labor / SUPERVISORS Manufacturing Overhead ROBOTICS MANUAL MACHINING Manufacturing Overhead
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Unformatted text preview: Direct Materials AUTOMATIC PAINTER Direct Labor DM & IM MANUAL PACKAGING Manufacturing Costs Inventoriable Costs Product Costs DIRECT MATERIALS MANUFACTURING OVERHEAD PRIME COSTS DIRECT LABOR CONVERSION COSTS Income Statement Direct Labor & Administrative Expenses Marketing & Selling Expenses [Order-getting] · [Order-filling] Cost of Goods Sold Inventory Sold © 2009...
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