ACCT 6000 Spring 2011 Syllabus - Southern Polytechnic State...

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Southern Polytechnic State University Managerial Accounting 6000 Spring 2011 (Subject to Change) Course: ACCT 6000-001 CRN: 3078 Instructor: Dr. Donald L. Ariail, CPA, CFF, CVA (678)915-7387 e-mail: Best contact method is though class site email in GaView Vista 8: Note: the class site email is regularly checked and allows for me to keep my class correspondence separated by class. Office: J-341 Office Hours : Thursday 12:00 – 5:00 and by appointment Textbooks and Course Materials (Two Textbooks) : th edition: The course will cover the first 13 chapters of the textbook by Garrison, Noreen & Brewer, 13 th edition. You can either purchase the customized printed copy of this textbook which includes Homework Manager (the customized version only includes the first 13 chapters and is sold a greatly reduced price) or you can buy a new or used version of the entire book (note: with a new or used copy of the full textbook, you will separately need to purchase homework manager) Custom Textbook Order available only from the SPSU Bookstore (greatly reduced price over the cost of a new textbook): ISBN number for the customized Garrison book, packaged with the Homework Manager Plus code card: 97800077911355 or th Edition Published by McGraw-Hill, (One Pass) on line from the publisher . This is also the address for other student resources. McGraw-Hill’s Homework Manager will be used to prepare and submit homework. Note: you must purchase a Homework Manager card – either along with a new textbook (the bookstore will have this product bundled with the textbook) or
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separately (the bookstore will have the stand alone cards available for purchase) if a used textbook is purchased. Once you have an access number which comes with the textbook the address to register on “Homework Manager” is: When you get to the site, click in the student box, and put in your student access number that came with your text or that was purchased separately from the bookstore or the publisher. That will give you access to the homework problems, and to exams. You will need a calculator for class, homework, and exams. ISBNs: Custom printing with Homework Manager (Only available from the SPSU Bookstore): 97800077911355 Garrison Text Only: 978-0-07-337961-6 (if you purchase a used book, you must also acquire a Homework Manager Card) Garrison Text with Homework Manager: ISBN 978-0-07-8078767 Homework Manager Only: ISBN 978-0-07-335979-3 (2) Costly Reflections in a Midas Mirror, Third Edition (In Publication); by D. Larry Crumbley, Donald L. Ariail, Julie Chenier and Stevenson Smith Provided in PDF form free of charge by the instructor – the full text of this book is available under the course resources tab. Course Meetings
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ACCT 6000 Spring 2011 Syllabus - Southern Polytechnic State...

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