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Chapter 10 Systems Analysis and Design 10-1 Chapter 10 True-False 1 . Once systems analysts, users, and management have a grasp of what kinds of tasks must be accomplished, hardware options can be considered. T (p. 340) 2 . Analysts need to oversee the evaluation process personally because they will have the best interests of the business at heart. T (p. 341) 3 . Workloads can be simulated and run only on the same systems. F (p. 341) 4 . One of the criteria used to evaluate the performance of different systems hardware is the idle time of the central processing unit. T (p. 341) 5 . One of the main determinants used to decide whether or not to buy a computer is the projected speed of the system. F (p. 343) 6 . If the system will be used longer than four to five years, the decision is usually made to lease. F (p. 343) 7 . The cost of leasing or renting is lower than that of purchase after six years. F (p. 344) 8 . As systems become smaller and distributed systems become increasingly popular, more businesses are deciding to purchase equipment. T (p. 343) 9 . Fortunately, evaluating computer hardware is as straightforward as simply comparing costs and choosing the lease expensive one. F (p. 344) 1 0 . An advantage of creating your own software is the ability to respond to specialized business needs. T (p. 346) 1 1 . COTS software should be used when the organization is attempting to gain a competitive advantage through the leveraged use of information systems. F (p. 346) 1 2 . A disadvantage of using an application service provider is that there are concerns over their financial viability. T (p. 348) 1 3 . The Analytic Hierarchy Processing process requires decision makers to make judgments regarding the relative importance of each criteria. T (p. 349) 1 4 . Analytic Hierarchy Processing requires the analyst to quantify the attributes. F (p. 350)
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Chapter 10 Preparing the Systems Proposal 10-2 1 5 . With Analytic Hierarchy Processing, a higher number is assigned to a lower preference. F (p. 349) 1 6 . A recommendation system depends on numeric weights. F (p. 351) 1 7 . Costs and benefits of the proposed computer system must always be considered together because they are interrelated and often interdependent. T (p. 351) 1 8 . The main condition for choosing a forecasting model is the availability of historical data. T (p. 352) 1 9 . The simplest way to identify a trend and forecast future trends is by graphical judgment. T (p. 352) 2 0 . The simplest way to identify a trend and forecast future trends is by the method of moving averages. F (p. 352) 2 1 . The moving average method is useful because some seasonal, cyclical, or random patterns may be smoothed. T (p. 353) 2 2 . Intangible benefits accrue to the organization from use of the information system.
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TIFKK7Ch10 - Chapter 10 Systems Analysis and Design 10-1...

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