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Chapter 12 Systems Analysis and Design 12-1 Chapter 12 True-False 1 . Simplicity refers to keeping forms and screens purposely cluttered in a manner that focuses the user's attention. F (p. 433) 2 . Forms should flow from left to right and top to bottom. T (p. 434) 3 . The heading section is very important when an organization is required to keep a document for a specified number of years. F (p. 434) 4 . The bottom quarter of the form is composed of three sections: signature and verification, totals, and comments. T (p. 434) 5 . Both line captions and check-off captions have two types. T (p. 435) 6 . Vertical "tick marks" should be included within each caption on every form. F (p. 435) 7 . To be attractive, forms should elicit information in the expected order. T (p. 438) 8 . Another way to keep a display simple is to use pop-up menus. T (p. 443) 9 . Displays attract user attention by eliminating the use of empty space surrounding data-entry fields, which only gives the screen a cluttered appearance. F (p. 443) 1 0 . A graphical user interface display can be made attractive by the use of color and shaded or three- dimensional boxes. T (p. 444) 1 1 . Type fonts are pictorial, onscreen representations symbolizing computer actions that users may select using a mouse, keyboard, lightpen, or joystick. F (p. 446) 1 2 . An example of an icon is a piece of paper image “thrown” into a wastebasket icon. T (p. 446) 1 3 . An option button or radio button on a graphical user interface is used for mutually exclusive choices. T (p. 447)
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Chapter 12 Designing Effective Input 12-2 1 4 . A list box on a graphical user interface is used to perform an action. F (p. 447) 1 5 . Sliders and spin buttons are used to change data that has a continuous range of values. T (p. 448) 1 6 . When the user clicks on a point in an image map the corresponding x and y coordinates are sent to the program. T (p. 449) 1 7 . On a Web page, the data associated with the control is stored by naming the field, which is transmitted to the server. F (p. 449) 1 8 . Drop-down lists are different from radio buttons or check boxes in that there are many options for a given drop-down list. T (p. 450) 1 9 . Hidden fields are not visible to the viewer and can contain only a name. F (p. 450) 2 0 . Hidden fields are used on a second form when multiple forms are required to capture all the transaction data. T (p. 451) 2 1 . An event-response chart may be used to explore improvements to the Web page. T (p. 453) 2 2 . Dynamic Web pages change themselves as the result of the server action. F (p. 453) 2 3 . A disadvantage of using dynamic Web pages is that they may not be compliant with the American Disabilities Act. T (p. 455) 2 4 . Ajax involves the use of JavaScript and hidden fields for sending client data to the server.
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TIFKK7Ch12 - Chapter 12 Systems Analysis and Design 12-1...

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