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Chapter 16 Systems Analysis and Design 16-1 Chapter 16 True-False 1 . Six Sigma is more than a methodology, it is a culture built on quality. T (p. 632) 2 . When performing a structured walkthrough, the analyst oversees that others adhere to any roles assigned and assures that any activities scheduled are accomplished. F (p. 634) 3 . The program author should not defend his thinking, rationalize problems, or argue. T (p. 634) 4 . Structured walkthroughs fit well within a total quality assurance program when accomplished throughout the systems development life cycle. T (p. 634) 5 . The bottom-up approach provides desirable emphasis on synergy, or the interfaces that systems and their subsystems require. F (p. 636) 6 . The top-down approach provides the systems group with a ready made division of users into task forces for subsystems. T (p. 637) 7 . Object linking and embedding (OLE) allow the user to remain in a client application and edit data in a server application. T (p. 638) 8 . A structure chart is a diagram consisting of rectangular boxes, which represent the modules, and connecting arrows. T (p. 638) 9 . The fewer data couples and control flags in the system, the more difficult it is to change the system. F (p. 639) 1 0 . Control codes are always passed downward in a structure chart. F (p. 639) 1 1 . When only the data required to accomplish the function of a module are passed to the module, it is called stamp coupling. F (p. 641) 1 2 . Control modules are found near the bottom of the structure chart and perform only one task. F (p. 644) 1 3 . Transformational modules are those created from a data flow diagram. T (p. 644) 1 4 . Improper subordination is when a subordinate module to a higher level module does not represent a function of the higher level module. T (p. 646)
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Chapter 16 Quality Assurance Through Software Engineering 16-2 1 5 . In developing software for the system, planning takes place in the design before programming is even begun. T (p. 648) 1 6 . On-line manuals on Web sites should include a FAQ page and downloadable updates. T (p. 651) 1 7 . Tales are stories that users tell regarding now the systems worked. T (p. 652) 1 8 . It is important to ensure that contributors to the FOLKLORE document include the entire system. F (p. 652) 1 9 . When programs pass desk checking and checking with test data, they must go through link testing. T (p. 655) 2 0 . When testing, if the system works with normal transactions, then variations are deleted. F (p. 655) 2 1 . At the stage of full systems testing with live data, operators and end-users become actively involved in testing. F (p. 655) 2 2 . When systems using test data prove satisfactory, try the system with several passes on what is called "live data." T (p. 655) 2 3 . The period of link testing with test data is important for assessing how end-users and operators
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TIFKK7Ch16 - Chapter 16 Systems Analysis and Design 16-1...

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