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2-28 lecture 116 - Current Issues in Nutrition 2-28-2011...

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Current Issues in Nutrition 2-28-2011 Rajni Banthia, PhD Samuels and Associates, Oakland CA Samuels and Associates -National consulting firm specializing in public health evaluation, research policy analysis, strategic planning and program developments Expertise in nutrition, pysical activity and obesity/chronic disease prevention Focus on reducing health disparities in lower income communities of color Overview Background/fact or fiction game School nutrition Neighborhood food environments Food advertising and marketing Summary “Fact and Fiction” Game Today, 1/3 of all americans get nearly half of their calories from junk food Fact. 8 in 10 children do not meet the USDA dietary guidelines Fiction, only 1-2 percent of children are meeting dietary guidelines, 98 99 percent do not. Life expectancy is decreasing over time Fact – due to rapid rise in obesity, for the first time in recorded history, a child born today has a shorter life expectancy than its parents. The solution to the crisis of poor nutrition and physical inactivity rests upoin individuals taking better care of themselves. Fiction - “It is unreasonable to expect that people will change their behavior easily when so many forces in the social, cultural and physical environment conspire against such change” (Institute of Medicine (IOM) What is it that shapes what people eat? In most research, environmental factors (neighborhood, where we go to school, who we hang with) shapes a lot The child – Home and family – school/worksites – healthcare system – community based services – food supply system – urban design and transpotation systems
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While many factors impact our diets, social and cultural norms may have the strongest influence. Of course, these norms exist within a political and economic context. What do we know about which foods and beverages make us healthy or sick?
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2-28 lecture 116 - Current Issues in Nutrition 2-28-2011...

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