Week 8 - Violence

Week 8 - Violence - Week 8 Violence Monday 4:08 PM...

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Week 8 - Violence Monday, March 28, 2011 4:08 PM Responding to an Urban Epidemic: The Role of Public Health in Preventing Violence Benita Tsao, MPH Christine Chang, BA What do you think of when you see or hear "senseless" on one hand, it may not be so senseless. Maybe that behavior can get them what they want at that particular time. It may make a lot of sense to be violent in certain neighborhoods. But its entirely senseless because we know how to prevent violence. We know exactly what poor neighborhoods want What does it take to stop the shooting/violence in poor neighborhoods? More than policy changes and political support, it takes public health change In a sense, urban violence is like a virus. o If your friend gets shot, you will want to get revenge on the shooter o Public health emphasizes preventing things from happening Public health talks to neighborhoods Making the case: How violence impacts the health and well-being of communities Violence is a leading cause of injury, disability and premature death. Violence is a significant disparity, disproportionately affecting young people and people of color Violence increases the risk of other poor health outcomes o Has long lasting effects, even if you are not physically hurt e.g. we know exercise is good for you. But if you live in a violent neighborhood, it is not safe to go out and exercise o Therefore neighborhood is bad for your health. o
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Week 8 - Violence - Week 8 Violence Monday 4:08 PM...

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