Practice Midterm 3 PH116 answers

Practice Midterm 3 PH116 answers - Practice Midterm *These...

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Practice Midterm ****These are just some questions I’ve made for you to practice. I can’t guarantee these questions will be on the exam, so make sure to review all of your notes! =)**** 1. In the film “Pandora’s Box”, which of the following practices did Monsanto promise to NOT use in its genetic engineering processes? a. Adding insect resistant genes to crops b. Selling seeds to international farmers c. Incorporating animal-derived genes into plants d. All of the above 2. In the documentary “Pandora’s Box”, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is an institution that advocated which of the following historical movements? a. The Civil Rights Movement b. The Women’s Suffrage Movement c. The Green Revolution d. The Eugenics Movement 3. In the documentary “Pandora’s Box”, why do parents like Mr. and Mrs. Harrington embrace raising children with genetic disabilities? a. They believe that genetic disabilities will later develop into mutant powers like Charles Xavier and Magneto b. They believe that raising such children opens parents’ eyes to unique experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have with their normal children c. These parents express hope that a cure will be found in the near future d. Genetically affected children are more docile and easier to raise than normal children 4. True or False: According to “Pandora’s Box”, Germany is the most hostile nation to the genetic movement of the 21 st century 5. In documentary “Pandora’s Box”, Jim Watson refers to the Pilgrim State Hospital to display his… a. Opposition to the old Eugenics Movement b. Nostalgia, since his father was a pilgrim c. Personal experience with mentally challenged patients d. Believe that scientists have a full understanding of how mental illness works 6. According to the documentary “Pandora’s Box”, Professor Kay Jamison is strongly against genetic engineering because… a. She believes the practice involves a high level of physical pain for the patients b. She believes the practice will lead to a race to create a real life Captain America
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Practice Midterm 3 PH116 answers - Practice Midterm *These...

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