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3 key questions of advertising Troublesome 4 4 contradictions of IBP 3 key factors to success in adv/pr 4 screens 4 facts of economic life 3 natural pressures 4 p’s of marketing mix 5 macro environments 2 uncontrollables from marketing manager’s perspective o 1-market environment consumers o 2-macro environment 2 controllables o 1-marketing mix o 2-marketing plan 3 marketing requirements (IBP model handout) 4 managerial functions 3 key pillars of marketing concept o 1-customer orientation o 2-integrated marketing o 3-customer satisfaction 4 steps to customer orientation Dr. murphy’s 2 conclusions about subliminal advertising
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Unformatted text preview: Also study all directions, examples, and handouts Handouts – changing media environments, model of IBP handout, “but will it make you happy” Test in Hogg auditorium In class review – 9/23/10 • 50 questions – 25 lecture/25 textbook • Hogg Memorial Auditorium • Sit every other seat • UT ID required • Textbook notes/concept slides • 4 questions over examples (EGs) • 12 questions over checked concepts • “The mysteries Revealed” BB course documents Exam expectations •...
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