Exam 2 Lecture Review

Exam 2 Lecture Review - o Press content o Website for...

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Effective methods of advertising effectiveness Brand mind map Sensry branding Dissonance Public relations 800 lb gorilla in te room o Migration of marketing communications money from advertising to public relations Viral marketing Creativity in advertising Ambush marketing Examples used to demonstrate sensory branding (including Singapore Airlines, Intel, Mrs. Meyers, Intel, Westin, Prell, Crayla, Harley Davidson 3 ways that brand information is stored 8 s tages of adoption process model and order 2 things that dissonance depends on 4 points that Dr. Murphy used to clarify the Adoption Process Model Handouot 3 driving factors of the trend away from advertising and toward PR o Fragmentation o Clutter o Clost 2 PR objectives 6 widely used PR activities 5 media relations tools o Press release o Press kit o Stories written by the PR sent directly to media
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Unformatted text preview: o Press content o Website for content providers • 5 qualities of advertising vs public relations • 6 periods within the evolution of mass media: • 3 broad developments for understanding migration or retail transactions • 3 early forms of advertising in the pre printing period • 3 types of product placements IBP reports • Mini cooper (small advertising budget) • Best parking – parking spot • New England screen door company • Target’s takeover of new Yorker magazine issue Important concepts • The key to media success is to give it away to build an audience • Publicity is much more valuable than an ad Eric Webber – influence of technology on advertising Handouts • Adoption process model • Ogilvy handout • Grandma’s cookies handout • PR lab handout • Bernbach handout • Cambell’s soup...
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Exam 2 Lecture Review - o Press content o Website for...

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