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October 5, 2010 Lab Project 2 info Look at Gatorade mind map There are 3 ways that brand information is stored in our memory o Their attributes o Other objects o Information is stored over time (we relate objects to events and experiences at different points in time) Creating a mind map o Interview a friend Think before you interview Do you have a friend that really loves or hates a discount department store Will they be an easy person to gather info from o Ask questions and take notes Ask why? How did that make you feel? Can you tell me about a specific time when that happened? o Look for pattern and themes. Group them into clusters as they naturally occur. You must include the 5 senses and atleast 4 other nodes (exclude emotion node) Look for emotional significance o Try to connect emotions out from as many memories as possible o They key is specific experiences, persons, events, etc Show your friend a draft ans ask for help filing it out (ask more question if you need to)
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Unformatted text preview: • Consumer insight o It’s a simple, universal human truth o It’s a deep human need that is met by a product’s bundle of satisfactions o Its rooted in emotions o It captures a consumer’s unique relationship with a brand o Might not be explicitly stated by consumer o It should have marketing implications o Value in terms of marketing insights and planning o Example: cell phones Weak insight – I like Samsung because of the benefits I get from its features Better insight - cell phone as security blanket; cell phone as lifeline • Marketing mix o Must stem naturally from the insight you find o Look at ads for department stores What insights might have created those campaigns? o Don’t forget to address all 3 in your paper Product Price Place •...
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