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Project 1 - Memorandum To From Date RE Dr John H Murphy...

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Memorandum To: Dr. John H. Murphy From: Sameer Badruddin Date: September 14, 2010 RE: Comparative Analysis of “Dove Men+Care” and “Gillette” body wash and Introducing “DiCaprio” 1. Comparative Evaluation – The purpose of this memorandum is to conduct a comparative evaluation of the brand name and packaging of Dove Men+Care (DMC) and Gillette (GIL) body wash from the perspective of health- and environmentally-conscious married men, age 35-49, who live in the top 20 U.S. markets., as well as introduce a new brand to the shower gel market. a. Brand Name – A dove is a white bird that represents comfort, freshness, and purity. Using a dove as the symbol for a body wash is very effective, as it creates an appropriate perception for its use. It reflects the brand concept and purpose of the product, developing a meaning within the brand name rather than using advertising to create a meaning. GIL was names after the inventor of safety razors. The name does not reflect the brand concept as the name was not created to fit the use or description of the product. GIL was originally created for razors, and GIL body wash is a brand expansion. DMC is a simple, short name that is easy to remember. The soft-sounding name reflects the product.GIL is also easy to remember, as well as easy to recognize as a man’s product. DMC is
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