Project 3 - ADV 318J - Fall 2010 Ad Selected: Cadillac CTS...

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ADV 318J -- Fall 2010 Name: Sameer Badruddin Ad Selected: Cadillac CTS Coupe Lab: Melissa T 7-8 Print Advertising Evaluation Form 1. Using the circulation demographic information provided plus your own analysis of the ad you selected, define the target audience for the ad (maximum of 50 words). Note that the target audience for the ad consists of some subset of readers of The New Yorker . Use abbreviations: Ford Fiesta (FF), Nissan Leaf (NL) and Cadillac CTS Coupe (CCC). TARGET AUDIENCE : (20 points) The target audience for the CCC ad is men between the ages of 35 and 45 who are interested in innovation in the automobile market, specifically in redesigning the traditional coupe car. This target audience includes those who were not interested in coupes, but may like the new coupe. 2. Evaluate the headline, illustration, body copy (ignore the tiny copy at the bottom of each ad) and layout/design of the ad by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. For each of these four elements indicate whether you feel the element would effective or ineffective and explain why. HEADLINE : (10 pts.) The headline for the CCC ad is “History Isn’t Made in Rear View Mirrors.” This quote has been consistently used by Cadillac in various advertisements. This headline reinforces Cadillac’s reputation as historically being a leader in luxury automobiles. The headline contains lots of meaning as it is an interesting thought and grabs the reader’s attention. The ad describes Cadillac’s innovated CTS Coupe, a revolutionizing design for a coupe a car that may make history and set a standard for all coupes. The headline is relevant to this new theme of innovation. The headline also coaxes the reader into the ad by allowing the reader to think philosophically and think about what the quote is trying to say about Cadillac and its cars, and tempts the reader to read the rest of the ad to understand what the headline means (M). However, the headline does not include the brand name, which is a weakness according to Ogilvy. However, the Cadillac logo initiates brand association, so the headline may not need to mention the brand name. Overall, the headline is effective in attracting attention and persuading the reader to read the rest of the ad. ILLUSTRATION
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Project 3 - ADV 318J - Fall 2010 Ad Selected: Cadillac CTS...

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